You Set the Agenda

You choose how far you want to involve us in your event planning and execution.

We then dovetail with your in-house team to advise, guide, plan and/or deliver your event.

Our objective is to benefit the organising team, to best match the event to the declared objectives, to improve the impact and delivery of the experience, and to gain the desired outcome for our client.

You pay for what you use and not for services you don’t want.

If you simply want initial guidance and planning advice, then a straightforward consultancy arrangement is the way forward.

If you feel you need to develop this further, or decide this from the outset, there is an option to employ a consultant to work alongside you from start to finish – or as far along the way as you decide is warranted.

If you change your mind as planning unfolds, there is no problem with reducing or increasing our input as you feel will best suit you.

From guiding your choice of location and venue, to assisting with an event’s operational delivery, through to a comprehensive service including accounting supervisions. The skills are available and you can select how you want our people to interact with your organisation.

Whatever you decide you need, whenever you decide you need it, our team will listen, discuss and deliver.

You Set the Agenda – You Take the Applause

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