Our Experience

Our team has been involved with commercial events on every continent, and in most major countries.

Clients from the USA, Canada, across Europe and based in the UK have all benefitted from contracting our people to help deliver their events.

Long, fruitful careers in corporate event management have produced a deep and thorough knowledge of destinations, venues, reliable local partners, global travel logistics. Understanding time zones, climate changes, immigration issues and local customs can be paramount in avoiding some less obvious pitfalls.

Negotiating skills have been honed and practical experiences gained which can be used to your advantage. There are very few ways to extract maximum value from suppliers, and very few ruses that suppliers employ to up their margin that we don’t know about.

Supplier negotiation and contracting can be overseen, or even undertaken on your behalf.

Invoices can be scrutineered to ensure no hidden or unwarranted extras have been added. However, all contracts and invoices are sent directly to you, unless you otherwise instruct.

Accounting processes are completely transparent –  one of the benefits of employing a consultancy rather than an event agency. Our income comes from pre-agreed fees, not from hidden supplier discounts.

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